New Trade License

New Trade License

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Renewal of Trade license
In UAE it’s important to renew your business certificate before it ends. There is a problem for every day the business certificate is not restored. Failing to replenish your business certificate will result in a ban on all permits organized by the discuss owners, cold all of their business actions.

KHR Businessmen Services offers an absolutely best data Information Management Service to all its customers. We maintain a private and protected data source of our customers. This includes data with regards to client’s trade certificate, company labor cards, Migrants cards and worker visas.

We remind you well in advance of your business certificate or other papers expiration. This value added service keeps your business secured against prohibits and charges.

Getting the necessary licenses is a crucial step before you can operate a business in Dubai. There are three main types of trade licenses:
  • 1. Commercial licenses are issued to businesses that engage in any type of trading activity
  • 2. Industrial licenses are issued to businesses that are involved in manufacturing or any kind of industrial activity
  • 3. Professional licenses are issued to individuals and businesses offering professional services. This includes carpentry, cleaning services, consultancy services, printing and publishing, repair services, web design services, and other professional services.

The clearances and the requirements of obtaining a trade license may vary depending on the category of business. It can be difficult to do this on your own, especially if you have no experience or knowledge of government processes in Dubai.

KHR Businessmen Services could help you obtain the trade license that your business needs so that you can devote more time on other important aspects of your startup. Our business service experts are well-versed in coordinating with government agencies in Dubai to obtain the licensed documents.

Also, we could help you decide the right type of business structure needed as part of your business registration. This includes general partnership, partnership in commendam, private shareholding, public shareholding, shared partnership, joint venture, and Limited Liability Corporation.

KHR Businessmen Services could help you obtain the licenses and permits that you need.  Call us today at +971 (0) 52 341 7077 or send us an inquiry at Our business registration experts will be more than happy to help you.